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If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, take hope; there IS help. If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, take hope; there IS help.Throughout the many years of my practice, beginning in 1992, I have held the strong belief in helping individuals fulfill their optimal potential.“Sex trafficking is real, and it’s here,” says Rebecca Bender.“Every week, there are about 40 girls for sale here in Southern Oregon.”Bender, a Grants Pass-based advocate for domestic and international victims of human trafficking, was one of those girls once upon a time.Today, she is a wife, a mother of four, a CEO, author, mentor and survivor.Bender is one of 22 survivors of sex trafficking featured in “More than a Survivor, More than a Story,” a national traveling exhibit that arrived in the Rogue Valley Monday. 1, Grants Pass residents can view the exhibit at Rogue Roasters at the corner of Sixth and K streets.“More Than a Survivor" not only spotlights the campaign to end trafficking, it also celebrates the survivors who have not let their stories of sexploitation define them.She also brings a message of hope and inspiration in her testimony of triumph over trauma and trial.“More Than a Survivor” opened Monday in the Stevenson Union Art Gallery at SOU. Produced by GEMS in New York, the exhibit has traveled to large cities around the country.

Sober support for people in recovery.""There are many things in life that cause emotional distress and it is natural to try to minimize their impact on you, but if you are struggling to move on I would like to help.A Brazilian trio was recently granted civil union status.Some practitioners gathered over the past weekend in New York for the 26th Annual Polyamory National Retreat, and Showtime just completed airing episodes of its half-hour documentary reality series "Polyamory: Married and Dating.""It may shock some," says the voiceover in the Showtime trailer.Whether it is a major life change or an everyday struggle there is no need to suffer emotional pain or distress.I will join you as a partner in healing to process life's changes and challenges on a path to healing.Addictions are intimacy disorders that fulfill unmet, deeply ingrained needs for control,power, love or affection.


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