Online hispanic dating penpales

My hobbies are scuba diving and muay thai (I used to do kickboxing, mma and similar as well), both are really important for me.

I'm quiet but I am not an easy person (especially in love...) and I would like to share my thougths with someone in which we could learn from each other. I enjoy talking about things with certain depth but also joking and being less serious.

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Don't hesitate to write to me if we have common interests, or simply if you want to talk about anything else. I have to say that I am pretty shy when I'm getting to know new people, so I would like someone who doesn't mind if the conversation may get awkward.

I'm pretty bussy, but I try to keep my hobbies in mind as well.

I like to travel and I try to read and write a lot as a way to release my inner preassures.

:-) If you've come here by mistake looking for that kind of stuff, here are a few links to sites that specialize in dating, romance, and so forth.

We hope you find the person you're looking for, and, of course, if you get tired of the dating whirlwind and decide you just want a friend, feel free to come on back!


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