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155-FZ” and “Strategic Investments Law” respectfully). In March 2017, Ukrainian Government approved the new National Essential Medicines List for Ukraine (the “NEML”), which is to become a single basis for the procurement and reimbursement of medicines in the public sector, as well as price controls.

The National Agency for Prevention of Corruption (the “NAPC”) introduced new minimum standard for compliance and anticorruption efforts mandatory for large state-owned enterprise and participants of major public procurement.

“But most of all, Interxion has proven itself as a true partner.

They have been a great help in enabling Azure Stack availability on our platform across Europe.” So far, Microsoft Inspire 2017 is definitely living up to its name.

The trends that we experienced in H1 2016 are broadly unchanged and as we have previously commented the growing mobile audience and inventory as well as implementation of ad technologies are driving the shift of advertising budgets into mobile in which we are able to have good market share.

Native advertising remains strong across the social networks and this growth, especially on mobile allows us to mitigate the more negative trends in search revenue that is also included into our advertising revenue segment.

While the comparable in H2 remains tougher for advertising revenues the favourable structural trends are expected to continue and with the ongoing movement of budget from other mediums, combined with the effect of new ad formats we expect to see a solid end to 2016 for the advertising revenues.

VK engagement and audience continued to see good growth.

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155-FZ “On amendments to Article 5 of the Federal Law “On the Privatization of State and Municipal Property” and the Federal Law “On the Procedure for Making Foreign Investments in Companies which are of Strategic Importance for Ensuring the National Defense and State Security” (hereinafter – “Law No.

With redesign on desktop and the addition of new features on mobile, embedded VK messaging on mobile and desktop has reached 80mln monthly active users, more than 50mln of them in Russia.

Regular newsletters including a review of new developments and most topical legislative updates, a review of the court practice in the field, analytical summaries, as well as the answers to readers' questions.

Over March 2017, Ukrainian Government and Ministry of Health (“MOH”) approved a number of regulations to finalize the framework for reimbursement of several groups of medicinal products.

“Available Medicines” pharmacy reimbursement program (the “Program”) is scheduled to be launched from 1 April 2017, with its cornerstones being as follows: The Tagansky District Court has published its exceptional decision in the case of Roskomnadzor (the Russian supervisory authority for telecommunications, information technology, and the media) vs the Linked In Corporation.


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