Adam lazzara dating chauntelle dupree

Within the next week, Adam had moved to Bellmore with John, and was the full-time bassist.Adam worked at guitarist Eddie Reyes' father's deli for pay.In the spring of 2006, Adam met Chauntelle Dupree, guitarist of Eisley, while on tour.They started dating in fall 2006 and became engaged on February 14, 2007.After a fractured history of instability and line-up changes, the band’s classic line-up, with John Nolan and Shaun Cooper, is back for a second outing and the excitement, helped partly from an explosive set by The Marmozets, is palpable.After hurtling straight into the jagged riffs of ‘What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost’, frontman Adam Lazzara sways and swaggers, his grizzly mane of side-parted brown hair framing his eyes.Mischa has been an acquaintance of our family for several years, but Adam met her at her job as a bartender, at Dakota's Restaurant, in Tyler.

" The album-closing, piano-led, slow-burning power ballad "Call Me In The Morning" carries the album's thickest Straylight Run influence, as Lazzara and Nolan harmonize "Call me in the morning/Call me when you're home/I know what you've been through/Don't let go," before the latter starts shredding his vocal cords on the final go 'round, bellowing, "I don’t know where we're going/But I know where we've been/We've been hiding from each other/We've been hiding from our sins." While the faster-paced tracks on the album are fun and jaunty listens, it's these moments where it's obvious that the Nolan of old and the Nolan of Straylight Run can come together without making things sound forced or awkward.Lyrically, Lazzara has lowered his guard now that the OG TBS are back together, as it would be easy to intrepret this track as directed toward ex-fiancee Chauntelle Du Pree ("This is nothing like I pictured/Forgot what it was like to miss you/There's no one to take for granted now you're gone").The singer continues his more open, honest, direct form of lyricism on the fast-paced rocker "You Got Me," which finds him singing about his current wife, Mischa, and her 2008 pregnancy.After vocalist Antonio Longo left the group, Reyes convinced Lazzara to switch to vocals.Since, Lazzara has recorded seven albums with Taking Back Sunday.They were to be married in March 2008, but it was announced by Chauntelle's father in January 2008 that the wedding had been called off and that Chauntelle and Adam had split.


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